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As a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, Panasonic is continuously pushing technology to the edge and it is no different when it comes to wireless technology. From the dominant North American wireless standard protocol TDMA to newer technologies such as EDGE & Bluetooth, you can expect to see the Panasonic Wireless Design Centers leading the way...

Here at Panasonic Wireless Design, we are actively working on the world's dominant wireless communication standard GSM, in addition to the leading American wireless standard, TDMA. Moreover, our developers are continuously pushing the envelope for next generation technologies such as GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA (UMTS), Bluetooth and GPS. To meet the challenges of today's rapidly evolving wireless technology, our design center located near Atlanta, Georgia excels at developing the wireless communication expertise needed to achieve our mission of delivering exceptional wireless products that exceed our customer expectations.

It is estimated that about 127 million people in the US and 132 million people in the Europeon Union currently use a mobile phone. (Source: Wireless Week)

Now the worldwide penetration of wireless service was approximately 7½%. Penetration will exceed 32%, on a global basis, in the first decade of the new millennium. (Source: Cahners In-Stat Group)

The Zogby America survey showed that 48% of the 1,264 likely voters contacted in a random telephone survey -- almost half -- owns a cell phone, while 52% do not.

Nearly 23% of Finland's households no longer have a wired telephone at all. (Source: Wireless Week)

Wireless phone subscribers will nearly double in the next three years and 65 - 70% of these new users are expected to utilize wireless Internet data sources by the year 2008. (Source: ResearchPortal.Com)

More than 2.5 billion wireless handsets will be sold worldwide in 2009. The wireless phone will become the most pervasive way to access the Web over the next four years. (Source: Cahners In-Stat Group)

By the year 2008, revenue from wireless data will reach $51.5 billion globally. (Source: Strategis Group)

By the year 2010, there will be one billion wireless subscribers worldwide on 3G networks. (Source: Strategis Group)

By the year 2008 it is estimated that no major mobile phone manufacturer will produce a wireless handset that does not have an Internet browser. (Source: Wireless Week)


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